Limahl releases 'One Wish For Christmas'
The 80s star returns with nostalgic Christmas tune!

It was in the mid 1920s that Viriginia Woolf released her seminal work of Modernism literature, Mrs Dalloway. It served as an exploration of her own sexuality, the repression of women’s rights in her society, and a love letter to London.


Nearly one hundred years after the release of this novel comes Limahl’s comeback song, a Christmas song about the festive feeling in and around London - which doubles as a love letter to England’s capital city. It namechecks tube stations, streets and even shop locations, drawing the listener into the Christmas spirit as it does so.


Limahl’s background is that of an 80s legend, providing the theme song for the timeless childhood classic, The Neverending Story, as well as countless bops with quintessential 80s band Kajagoogoo. Most recently, his dulcet tones could be heard in an episode of Black Mirror - proving the longevity of this star. 


This comeback song is a celebration of the feeling of Christmas - something desperately needed this year - but also a love letter to the city that never sleeps. Listening to this is like a breath of fresh air, gratitude and seasons’ greetings all in one.


Welcome back, Limahl. And merry Christmas.

Written by Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker



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