darzo delights with Epic New Track "Single Cell"
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The soulful mediums darzo are back with a stunningly groovy new single “Single Cell”. The band is self described as not quite soul, jazz, or r&b, and “Single Cell” showcases exactly what they mean by that. Immediately the track grips you; darzo wastes no time before hitting the listener with a vibing punch. Organs and electric guitars dance together in the company of a faint saxophone in the background. The gem solidifying their nuanced take on soul-R&B fusion are Adar Seligman-McComas’ entrancing lead vocals.


Adar of darzo shares:

Adar of darzo:

"In the winter of 2017, Adar Seligman-McComas (lead singer of darzo) experienced a great loss -- the loss of her instrument. A perfect storm consisting of an extensive performance schedule, an illness, resulted in an unexpected, a very sudden, vocal hemorrhage. For months she could barely speak, let alone sing. It became clear that surgery was her only option, and this prospect was terrifying. It was during this time that she wrote the song "Single Cell"  (even though, at the time she couldn't sing it.) This song depicts the isolation and hopelessness she was feeling at the time.


"We will play house, myself and I/We will reproduce alone/And though we've just a single cell/We will make it feel like home/Though we do not speak, we're still writing letters on the floor/From the kitchen to the bedroom, we pass notes beneath the door"


She was afraid that she would never sing again -- that something would go amiss during the surgery and she would be left to live her life without her greatest love, form of expression, and identity. 


Fortunately, this was not the case. Shortly after her surgery, she realized that she had not only begun to heal, but had gained access to part of her range that she hadn't been able to use for years (due to her ongoing struggle with vocal damage.) She dove back into her vocal journey with a newfound respect for her instrument, and also with a healthy dose of fear. Over the next year she painstakingly studied, and dedicated her time towards learning about healthy and sustainable ways to sing.


Only one year after this devastating experience, she was ready to head to the studio to create something meaningful. She recorded this song, along with eight others, at Montrose Recording Studio in Richmond Virginia. The album was produced by Devonne Harris (DJ Harrison/Butcher Brown.) She believes that the emotions, and experiences depicted in these songs are universal, and she intends, with her music, to help future listeners put their own emotions into words, and reassure them that they are not alone."


Based in Charlottesville, VA, darzo has mesmerized audiences with metaphor, melody, and rhythm — music that emerges from a deeply interior space in which private meanings become shared experience. Formed in 2016 by Adar Seligman-McComas, darzo is not purely Soul, not simply R&B, not straight-up Jazz. Blending and transcending genres, darzo delivers a silken, yet raw sound that is utterly its own.

Seligman-McComas has the type of voice that bypasses your outer layers and directly enters your soul. During the song’s bridge there is space for her to really let loose––something the listener knows is coming throughout the entirety of the track, but doesn’t know exactly when it will happen. This section of the song is truly the icing on the cake, and is followed with a soothing riff, where the guitar and saxophone match melodies allowing for a relaxing end to a grooving piece. This track is a highlight from darzo, and it will be incredibly exciting to see where they go from here.


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