Gustav Hoyer Sails Away with "Adventure at Sea"
Let's dig a little bit deeper, shall we?

Gustav Hoyer, a modern classical composer, pianist and producer, has made it his mission to change the paradigm that is classical music. Hoyer eloquently combines a rich classical background with modern technology to create music that exists as “Unexpected Beauty in an Age of Distraction.” Hoyer highlights the importance of music and states that he wants “people to be reminded of the glorious and mysterious wonders of being alive and be filled in their soul with awe and joy.” 


With his new single, “Adventure at Sea,” having just been released, we admire the movie-like soundtrack. This record is truly adventure-y sounding, and really draws the listener in. It’s easy to spot his passion for technology and music while listening to this track. 


Besides composing powerful yet beautiful music, Hoyer is also fully dedicated to his upcoming and ambitious podcast. He is a multi-talented man who has modernized and refreshed classical music. Hoyer says, “At the end of it all I want my music to penetrate deeply into a listener and remind them of the transcendent reality of what it is to be human.”


Be on the lookout for this single, and more from the ever-talented and ever-evolving Gustav Hoyer. 


Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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