Annie Stokes Shares Bold New Single "Real Good"
Let's dig a little bit deeper, shall we?

From the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains located in Northern Virginia, Annie Stokes has come out with her newest single, “Real Good.” With her Americana and Folk background, Stokes was able to add a little bit of Pop to this single, making it catchy and relatable. 


Her upbringing consisted of open mic nights, poetry, night clubs, regional tours, and everything in between. Stokes likes “a song that dredges up specific memories and feelings, rather than rushes of serotonin.” 

In her newest single, it’s easy to envision the life that Stokes has painted with her newest single. It’s fun, relatable, and lighthearted. She sings about all of the things she wants to accomplish, noting that she’s constantly fighting and surviving to stay “Real Good.”


Overwhelmingly, this song is definitely one to take a listen to if you’ve ever felt like you’ve over-committed, you’ve not done enough, or you want to change some aspects of your life (...which is probably anyone and everyone.. ever.)


We love this new single from Annie Stokes, and look forward to more relatable and raw tunes from her in the future!

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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