Ten Penny Gypsy's "Making Headway" Is The Perfect Road Trip Song

Get the car ready because Ten Penny Gypsy’s new song ‘Making Headway’ is the perfect road trip song. Channelling the winds of change and a coming-of-age feeling, the duo sing “There’s a head wind blowing/Through my overcoat” over light, easy-going, breezy guitar strums. “I’m just making headway/High time I went home” – ‘Making Headway’ reminds us of life’s undulating highs and lows, just like green rolling hills – it’s a journey, and this song encapsulates that feeling intimately. This song invites us to openly walk into, and ride that funny feeling of nostalgia, as the duo’s effortlessly blended vocals tells us “Hey, we’re slowly making headway now/Hey, when it comes to love she’ll show me how”. Shout out to the clever use of the tambourine, which provides that twinkle in the song’s production, and keeps it moving along in feel-good bliss. As always, Ten Penny Gypsy’s vocals are on point – balanced, seamlessly delivered and never too overbearing. If you somehow feel lighter and more enlightened after listening to ‘Making Headway’, you’re not the only one. This track somehow has this relaxing quality that just oozes through the speakers. Ten Penny Gypsy are certainly ‘Making Headway’ with this winner of a track.

--Fred Effendi

Written by MTS Management Group

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