Larry Jay Is Living Life Well In "2 New Girlfriends"

Who doesn’t want two new girlfriends? Well, that’s the enviable predicament Larry Jay sings about in his cheeky new song ‘2 New Girlfriends’ (“All my buddies say I better walk the line/’Cause these girls I’m with/Are going to make me lose my mind”).  This country-pop track is radio friendly as ever, with lyrics that match an irresistibly catchy melody (“I’ve got two new girlfriends... I guess you could say that I’m addicted to them”). Giving off a little Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt mixed in with some scandalous spice (“Well tonight we’ll have/A ménage à trois/In a corner booth down at my local bar”), ‘2 New Girlfriends’ is every bit as fun as it sounds – girls, margaritas, drinking at a bar, and the bachelor life – Larry Jay is clearly living life well. Note the awesome guitar solo that comes about a third of the way in, before Larry Jay lays some well-timed, vocally impressive adlibs to overlay the bombastic chorus. This is unmistakable country music with a pop twist – it’s mischievous, anthemic and memorable. With a wide, genre-crossing commercial appeal, Larry Jay’s latest single ‘2 New Girlfriends’ will have you smiling, singing, and wishing you were Larry Jay himself.

--Kenneth Dwyer

Written by MTS Management Group

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