Randy Seedorff Reminds Us Of What's On The Other Side Of Pandemic With "Family Tree"

Treat yourself to some adult contemporary, country goodness as you listen to Randy Seedorff’s latest offering, ‘Family Tree’. With the pandemic sweeping through the world and continually causing disruption to our plans, it’s been a notoriously difficult last 12 months to see family and loved ones. ‘Family Tree’ arrives at just the perfect time to remind us about what’s waiting on the other side – quality time with the ones we love. In ‘Family Tree’, Seedorff recounts treasured moments he’s had with family, starting with “Playing my guitar and we’re all singing/My uncle playing the piano”, before he confesses – “Oh how I miss those days”. He then reminisces on bringing new life into the world - “A portrait of that moment/Is etched on my mind”. ‘Family Tree’ makes us feel warm, fuzzy and nostalgic on the inside – although connecting with our families may be harder than ever these days, ‘Family Tree’ exists to give us hope that we’ll see them soon. Comparable to veterans such as Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw, Randy’s wonderful, vulnerable and soulful vocal performance breathes life into the track, and is easily the big highlight of the song – especially as he ascends into big, soaring notes towards the climax. Get comfortable, and listen to Randy Seedorff’s ‘Family Tree’ now.

--Fred Effendi

Written by MTS Management Group

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