Rachael Sage Showcases Classic Songwriting In New Single 'Albatross (Reimagined/Acoustic)' ft Crys Matthews

In the magical new single ‘Albatross (Reimagined/Acoustic)’, Rachael Sage is championing hope and self-discovery. Reminiscing on her personal journey and growth, the lyrics are embedded with poignant observations and a great sense of acceptance. This ethereal ballad, which could be taken directly from a catalog of vintage folk classics, is the latest offering from her upcoming body of work, ‘Another Side’. Devoted fans of Sage will have come across this song before in her 15th studio album ‘Other Side’, yet this time it’s utterly reimagined, with a softer sound and collaboration with folk maestro, Crys Matthews. 


The minimal arrangement of ‘Albatross’ allows Sage’s vocal delivery to take center stage, refusing to shy away from sincere emotion. Diverting from soft and melancholy to blissfully hopeful, the intricacies of her voice interplay with the mystical acoustic instruments, crafting a pleasant musical voyage. Joining forces with Matthews, the combination of folk talent exemplifies Sage’s songwriting mastery, engaging fans for the upcoming collaborations on ‘Another Side’. 


Rachael Sage has foreseen an eclectic career over the past two decades, including founding her New York-based label MPress Records, receiving awards for her diverse set of albums, and touring alongside the likes of Imelda May, Howard Jones and Lulu. Sage’s inspiring songwriting prowess shows no signs of stopping with the hotly-tipped release of ‘Another Side,’ set to hit the airwaves on May 17th. 

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