"Why Digital Transformations Fail" by Tony Saldanha

Business owners in today’s world, students and novice’s alike can find something worth value in Why Digital Transformations Fail, by Tony Saldanha, because while some might take it in complete context as a reference book, others might find it not only informative but a trustworthy source. It depends on what you’re looking for and even what education level you’re on as to whether or-not it applies to anything you do. If you’re studying management and organizational leadership or have studied it, then this book is for you, especially if you’re at the right age and/or experience level to be going through it today and want to know how its technology succeeds and fails. 

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The best thing about Saldahna’s work here is that it comes with an illustrious background whether known up front or not, and this book comes with solutions to the adage noted above with an outstanding career to his credit. Why Digital Transformations Fail is a book that succeeds because of the amount of solutions it takes readers through in order to exemplify do’s and don’ts and ins and outs through the coming’s, and going’s of technological advancements and how to stay ahead and lead, rather than get stuck behind in transformations.

You have-to know why things fail and succeed, and keep your head wrapped around the ball or get left behind in rapid fashion, and the book is a good way to stay ahead. This is achieved by the author with absolute precision, providing check lists and other tools for digital solutions of which the discipline level is often underestimated. But that’s only one side to it, with much philosophy and exuberance from Saldhana to take away from it without domination by the lecture-formation. These values are what help Why Digital Transformations Fail goes the entire distance to succeed with both great reference points and storyline quality.

Saldhana’s work also comes recommended for his ability to leave no stones unturned, so there’s simply a lot to learn from anything this author has to say, interested or not because it’s interesting either way. Money can’t buy some things about most books, and that is as far as you can throw some of them but others not, so I’m glad this one came across my radar, because it’s right up my alley, so naturally it gets tops marks. And as I read more and more about business and tech solutions, I appreciate any efforts to help shape minds for the future.

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The book also gives enough mind to the past to come out with the understanding that goes with everything in business, but if you’re not up on that it doesn’t make this a bad study nevertheless and that’s where it covers every base in the field. And when something has rinse and repeat value, I’m always glad I read it because I know I’ll probably read it again and again. This is one I look forward to doing that with, and it’s a good idea to reach for it if you’re one its fit to print for or not.

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