Take pause and think mindfully when you hear “Inbetweening” by Toronto indie rockers, The Lightning Struck

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The Lightning Struck is an indie rock band from Toronto. To watch the Lightning Struck is to be transported to New York’s Lower East Side, sometime between ’69 and ’91. Listen carefully – you can hear the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, the Ramones and Television. Of course, this careful curation of sound didn’t happen by accident. In 2000, Loren Davie moved to New York City after listening to the Velvet Underground and Nico one too many times. After 20 years of making music there, he returned to Toronto, bringing that New York sound with him. 

One night while he was walking home from an open mic, Davie became fascinated with the unknown stories of everyone passing around him, and he got to thinking how much of life is spent in transitional moments between events. In some way it’s the “real” life we fail to acknowledge.


Their song “Inbetweening” is about those moments that happen between what we think of as events – walking from one place to the next, waiting for something. Generally these happen when you’re alone, and it’s in these moments that self-reflection happens – when we give ourselves permission to think about what things actually mean.


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