Exclusive Interview with Author Ora Nadrich

What inspired you to write Time To Awaken?

After three years of the world changing, and with everything we’ve been through because of Covid, I wanted to explore such an unprecedented time in our history more thoroughly. I had so many questions over the last few years that I felt I wanted more answers that made sense for me, so I took it upon myself to do a deep dive and research everything that was sparking my curiosity to satisfy my need for wanting to know more.

Why do you think it’s an important book at this time?

I think Time To Awaken would be important at any time, but especially now when there are so many changes we are seeing, from how our medical freedom seems more controlled, or the problems we are witnessing with banks closing, and are we heading towards a digital currency system? Even our technology is advancing exponentially, and we should be more aware of how that will affect our humanity. For those reasons alone, we should be more awake and aware of how things are changing so quickly in our lives personally, and in the world collectively.

How will people benefit from reading Time To Awaken?

I think people will benefit from reading Time To Awaken by how much information they will get from all of the research I’ve done. As the saying goes; “Knowledge is power”, so for anyone who wants to be more informed and knowledgeable about the challenging times we are living in, this is the perfect book for them, I feel.

What would you say is the main theme of the book?

I would say that the main theme of Time To Awaken, is how important it is to be a fully awake human being, especially at a time when the world has changed so radically, and will continue to change even more in the days ahead.  

As a Mindfulness practitioner, how does Mindfulness play into awakening?

I go into depth about how practicing Mindfulness makes you more aware, therefore a more awake human being. I say that being more awake is a choice everyone can make, and we can choose to be someone who is awake, or someone who prefers not knowing certain truths about life and the universe, which I say is being more asleep, or in a trance of unconsciousness.

How would you describe the awakening process?

The awakening process can be different for everyone, but some of the ways I describe the awakening process in Time to Awaken are:

You sense that something life-changing is happening to you.

Your intuition is laser sharp.

You can sense dishonesty, deception, manipulation, and inauthenticity, immediately, which makes it hard or impossible for you to be fooled, coerced, lied to or controlled. It’s as if your truth barometer is turned up way high.

You feel more connected to spirituality. It might be a connection to God, or a Divine source you feel you are in alignment with.

You are able to let go of attachment to material things, which no longer defines you or your self-worth.

You can immediately sense like-minded people. Those that are awake are recognizing one another quickly.

Your relationships are shifting, and you no longer want to be around people that aren’t on the same vibrational frequency as you. Those that are like-minded can feel like your tribe or spiritual family.

You are getting mental downloads of important information you feel ready to receive.

You are experiencing things like Deja Vu (a feeling of having already experience something, or knowing that what you are experiencing was meant to be; seeing synchronicities (coincidental occurrence of events), which psychologist Carl Jung felt can hold potent spiritual powers; having mystical experiences, which can be an awareness of a divine truth you are ready to know, and perceiving it as transcendental, meaning it goes beyond the regular physical realm, making you feel connected, or “at one with” everything.

Your dreams are more vivid, and filled with archetypal symbolism with deep meaning. Your unconscious is giving you valuable information you need to have at this exact time.

You feel an inner calm of deep wisdom, as if you are fully prepared to take on the profound changes we are experiencing with this Great Awakening.

You do not fear death, and know that this spiritual shift is divided between those that fear death, and doing all they can to hold onto life with desperation. And those that are not ruled by fear, trust that death is part of the journey of transcendence.

You know with certainty that you are the one manifesting your reality and directing your destiny, and it is only you who has the power to do so.

What do you hope to see happen with your book?

That as many people as possible wake up and become more aware, conscious human beings to help save our humanity, and evolve planet earth in the most magnificent way.

What is some of the feedback or reviews you’ve received from your book?

I have been thrilled with how much positive feedback I’ve been getting about Time To Awaken, and how hopeful people feel after they read it. All of the reviews I’ve gotten have been so supportive and written with such intelligence. 

Ora Nadrich is founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking and author of Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity, named among the “top 18 books on what an authentic life looks like” by PositivePsychology, and Mindfulness and Mysticism: Connecting Present Moment Awareness with Higher States of Consciousness. She is a certified life coach and Mindfulness teacher, specializing in transformational thinking, self-discovery and mentoring new coaches. Her new book is Time to Awaken: Changing the World with Conscious Awareness (IFTT Press, Nov. 18, 2022). Contact her at oranadrich.com

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