Award Winners The Pukka Orchestra Invigorate with Rousing Single

Catch "Weekend (Come Alive!)" from New Album, Chaos Is Come Again

Award-winning new wave Canadian band The Pukka Orchestra was formed in 1979 by lead vocalist/guitarist/main songwriter Graeme Williamson and vocalists/guitarists/co-songwriters Neil Chapman and Tony Duggan-Smith. Based in Toronto in the ‘80s and ‘90s, they became an important and revered contributor to the Queen Street music scene of that era. After a two decade hiatus, The Pukka Orchestra completed a new album – Chaos Is Come Again (Pacemaker/Cadence Records, March 2024) – of updated, reworked, remixed tracks, remastered posthumously after the death of Williamson. The original tracks were made available only to friends and local fans and now, Chaos Is Come Again is widely available. Stream here and purchase here.

If we don’t care about our world and those in it, then ‘chaos is come again” is the album’s resonant theme. Weekend (Come Alive!) ushers it in with an intense dance groove and reckless guitar solo, combating injustice in life with positivity.


Listen to "Weekend (Come Alive!)" HERE and watch the official video HERE, filmed by Robert Fresco and Pretty Pictures, featuring a large contingent of 1980's Queen St. West musicians


“Graeme's words were inspired by his experience working in the sub-basement of a government building in Toronto and eagerly anticipating the upcoming weekend to have a real life for a couple of days before returning to the mundane grind. While shooting the music video, a helicopter pilot friend of ours, Robert, took us up to shoot some scenes in his chopper. Thinking it would be a cool thing to do, he gave the controls over to Graeme who, not realizing how delicate the joystick was, sent it into a near death spin that Robert had to recover from. Hearts were pounding!” -Neil Chapman, The Pukka Orchestra’s guitarist and vocalist


“Graeme’s philosophy was not to dwell on things you can’t change, but enjoy your freedoms and life. ‘Weekend (Come Alive!)’ makes me feel young, optimistic, awake and inspired. I’m continually astonished that Graeme’s philosophy and positivity is evident in all his lyrics and fiction - from his earliest youth until his death. His positivity is unsentimental and authentic.”  -Iris Williamson, Graeme Williamson’s widow


“Each of us brought a different skill set and perspective. Graeme was a master wordsmith who could create fascinating narratives tied to the 'everyman/woman' and he was their spokesman. Neil is the 'driver' of the groove, making sure we are always pushing and when the dial has to go to ten, Neil is the guy and never disappoints. I am playing the counter parts that float in and out in different sections through the song that are outside the driving groove but reacting to it as the song drives along.” -Tony Duggan-Smith, The Pukka Orchestra’s guitarist and vocalist


Chaos Is Come Again Tracklist:

1 - Weekend (Come Alive!)

2 - Elevator Man

3 - Every Man and Woman is a Star

4 - Knocking on Open Doors (acoustic)

5 - The Man in the Iron Glove

6 - Sordid Thing Called Love

7 - Keeping Warm in the Cold War

8 - Goldmine in the Sky

9 - Nos Amis Les Animaux

10 - Waiting in the Wings

11 - Knocking On Open Doors (band)

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