The Hamas War—What the Press is Hiding By Howard Bloom

You are being kept in the dark.

The most publicized news on the Hamas war in the last few days has been the opening of the Rafah Crossing with Egypt to let some of the thousands  of citizens of foreign countries out of Gaza, including some Americans.  

And the Israeli bombardments two days in a row of the “Jabalia Refugee camp,” a modern city.  In this pair of attacks, Hamas claims 195 people were killed,   entire blocks were flattened, and a twenty-story, modern building was collapsed.  

But the area has not actually been flattened.  It has been very deeply cratered.  Why?  Because the goal was to reach the tunnels underneath the city.  

Remember, Hamas’ publicity machine has successfully focused media attention on the numbers of civilians killed.  And these deaths are monstrous.  But who has really killed these people?

Hamas operates its military out of a spider’s web of 311 miles of tunnels.   Concrete tunnels wired for electricity, fully lit, partly air conditioned, and with a communications system. This tunnel complex is located directly under the most populous?? place in Gaza, Gaza City.

Hamas has situated its key centers in tunnels under hospitals, mosques, and schools. Even under United Nations facilities.

Hamas has used these tunnels to hide its troops and to allow them to pop out behind Israeli lines in Gaza and even in Israel itself. In addition it has stored weapons in large quantities above ground in the hospitals, mosques, schools, United Nations buildings above the tunnels.  Why?

To insure that if Israel attacks key Hamas military assets, it will have to get through a human shield of tens of thousands of civilians.  In other words, Hamas has set up tens of thousands of civilians to die.  And for Hamas, those deaths will be a victory.  They will fuel a publicity operation that will turn the world against Israel. And this mouse trap is working. 

Meanwhile, there are important the things you are not being told.  on October 24thHamas official Ghazi Hamad, in an interview with Lebanon’s LBCI news, said, “We Will Repeat the October 7 Attack Time and Again Until Israel Is Annihilated.  …Will we have to pay a price? Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs and we are proud to sacrifice martyrs." 

Do those martyrs include the thousands living directly above the heart of Hamas’ war machine?  Apparently the do. 

Meanwhile, the media has told us over and over again that Israel is killing Palestinian patients in hospitals by starving the hospitals of gas.  Gas to power generators. Generators that purify water, generators that keep incubators going, generators that give light in operating rooms. 

But on Wednesday, November 1, Israel’s FBI, its Shin Bet, released a recording of a conversation in which “the commander of the Westjabaliya Brigade of Hamas speaks with the head of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza.”  Says the commander, “"I'm here with Dr. A'ataf on speaker. We went to fill up the diesel. The thousand liters that you talked about."

So taking gasoline from hospitals and using it to supply Hamas’ military is apparently routine. By keeping gas out of Gaza, Israel is not killing hospital patients, it is weakening Hamas. 

And 43 minutes of new video footage has just come out, footage taken from Hamas attackers’ body cams, from security cameras, and from dashboard cameras, of the atrocities of October 7th.  

The attackers gouge out the eyes of a father, cut off the breasts of the mother on her own kitchen table, then cut off the legs of their daughter.  Innocent Israelis are raped and burned alive.  One baby is torn out of the stomach of a pregnant woman.  And the woman is torn to pieces.  Another baby is burned alive in an oven.

All very consistent with an old pronouncement from an al-Qaeda affiliated group, 

Allah told us of the certainty of the annihilation of the infidels…by means of the Muslim group, which would, in accordance with the Islamic commandment…torture them…The question now on the agenda is, how is the torture Allah wants done at our hands to be carried out.

Meanwhile, Hamas is raining roughly 350 rockets a day on civilian targets in Israel. And two other groups are joining in:  Hezbollah north of Israel in Lebanon and the Houthis east of Israel in Yemen.  Hezbollah is firing as many as 30  anti-tank weapons and rockets a day.  The Houthis have fired cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and a flock of drones. 

Hezbollah and the Houthis have something in common.  They are both proxy armies of Iran.  In fact, Iran founded Hezbollah in Lebanon in 1982. 

Iran has planned this multi-front war for a decade. 

Iran may be the most anti-Semitic nation on earth.  And the most genocidal.  It puts lettering on its nuclear-capable rockets dedicating them to the annihilation of Israel.  And Iranian TV just twisted the history of the Nazis despicably when it said that, “The Holocaust Is True, But Not Against The Jews — By The Jews.” 

In other words, for years Iran has wanted to obliterate Israel and to kill the world’s Jews.  


But the American news media tells you very little about how the tunnels of Hamas are deliberately defended by the flesh of Gaza’s civilians. 

It does not tell you that up to 330,000 Israelis  have been forced to flee their homes.  It does not tell you that entire Israeli cities have been emptied, cities that border Lebanon or Gaza.

It does not tell you that unless Israel totally defeats Hamas, Israeli citizens will never be able to go back to their homes in border communities.  Homes in a country that is already claustrophobically tiny.

And the Western press is rapidly forgetting that Hamas started this war. 

In my opinion, a crime is being committed in  our media.  A crime against the truth.


Seif Al-Din Al-Ansari in the sixteenth issue of the online magazine Al-Ansar, dated August 24, 2002, which is affiliated with Al-Qa'ida “Allah Will Torture Them [the Infidels] At Your Hands"An Al-Qa’ida-Affiliated Online Magazine: On the Importance of Jihad as a Means of Destroying the ‘Infidel Countries’  Author: Publication: MEMRI Date: September 4, 2002,


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