Puppets of Castro's Newest Album Captures Storytelling at its Finest

Puppets of Castro is the musical project fronted by singer/songwriter Andrew Lorand, featuring Darryl Purpose on vocals. Puppets Of Castro have released three albums on Trough Records.

Dan Bern says their new album is "catchy philosophical pop that ranges from radio-friendly rockers to tunes that could be a Murakami short story set to music. Nude Descending an Elevator is sure to please hard core fans and newcomers alike." The duo keeps the listener involved and satisfied. Lorand's melodies remain as catchy and memorable as ever, made even more so by Darryl Purpose's immense vocal range.

A standout song on the album is "Everything is Fine." The song has echoes of Counting Crows meets Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young meets U2. The single boasts a sound reminiscent of the 90's with a solid backbeat, and lyrics exploring the unpredictable nature of relationships over time. It captures the reality most couples face.

Based loosely on a true story, the opening song "Everything is Fine" follows two lovers on a road trip with unexpected results. "The original title was 'The Great Decline', which is far too depressing a title for a song where everything works out pretty well in the end," shares Andrew.

As with their previous projects, Lorand and Purpose have surrounded themselves with a stellar collection of musicians and backing vocalists, culled from their longstanding association with many of the finest players and writers in the Los Angeles Acoustic Underground. Puppets of Castro is certain to take its place among the year's finest releases.

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