Indie-Folk Artist Brayden Bell Releases Debut EP "Box Office Bomb," Featuring the Whimsical Title Track


Brayden Bell is an indie-folk producer/songwriter with ballroom gravitas and campfire-folk relatability. His considerate songwriting pulls truth in detail from the luminosity of everyday emotional directives, like dandelions growing through the sidewalk. The Calgarian’s soaring falsetto brings a sensitivity to a contemporary midwest-emo phrasebook, a Hozier filmstock captured through a Julien Baker lens.


Bell has written and produced dozens of songs for synchronization with his publishing project We Are Crickets in partnership with Bow Valley singer-songwriter Amelie Patterson. Bell’s songs have been used by companies like McDonald’s, Lazada, Thor Industries, Sherwood and more, being seen by millions on TV and YouTube. Now, he’s releasing his first EP under his own name.

Box Office Bomb is the result of the first time Bell carved out time for his solo music. His home studio became the crucible for these songs. Here, he stripped away production flourishes, prioritizing raw emotion and lyrical authenticity. With a solid system established, the future excites him for what's to come next

I loved the idea of “everyone’s life is their own movie,” and although we may not be Zendaya or Leonardo Dicaprio, we still made it to the big screen. Our movie can be a “Box Office Bomb” and that’s okay. We’re still here telling our story.Brayden Bell on the EP’s title track/lead single

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