Elephante Teams Up with Haliene for Epic New Single

"Hollow" is out today!

The American-Asian DJ Elephante and electro pop singer HALIENE blend their ever-evolving sonic styles in their new single“Hollow,” available now on all streaming platforms. Elephante’s mystical melody wraps around the angelic voice that HALIENE expresses from the hollows of her heart, delivering a vulnerable yet healing track for those broken hearts who still hold a lust for love.


The new single "Hollow” depicts the emotions of being so close to someone but never being in the same place. It’s where EDM meets a heavenly vocal and evocative melody meets vulnerable lyrics. Any level of divergence between Elephante and HALIENE themselves embraces the contrasts in love and creates a unique creative synergy.

Quote from Elephante: Hollow is such a haunting and poignant song - the first time I heard the demo I got chills and was immediately inspired to dive in. I knew I wanted to make a big melodic bass thing, but with my guitar and a lot of organic sounds to fit around HALIENE's incredible voice and performance. It threads that needle for me where I can imagine going nuts to it at a festival, but also crying - the perfect balance.

Quote from HALIENE: I wrote Hollow about the process of allowing yourself to be vulnerable with another person. In this often terrifying process, we question if it's truly safe to allow someone in so deeply…. Fighting the fear that maybe it’s better to remain as a facade of stone, never revealing a single crack beneath. The funny thing is, you can’t keep up the masquerade any longer, so the crumbling is inevitable, and yet incredibly beautiful. The chorus begs the questions, "if I show you all my flaws and vulnerabilities, would you find them beautiful? Would your own weaknesses fill in the cracks? Would you accept me as I am?” Working with Tim (Elephante) on this one was a dream come true and such an honor. His first instinct on the track was really unique and special, and musically brought the lyrics to life instantly. Every time we passed the project back and forth, I found new things I loved in his production! I’m so excited to put Hollow out into the world together.

Coming off the heels of his 88rising debut [NIKI, Rich Brian, Joji] with his hotly-anticipated sophomore album, Heavy Glow, Elephante is continuing his personal, sonic, and performance evolution into 2023. The producer ventured on a 20-market ‘Heavy Glow Tour’ last year, which showcased his guitar skills with stunning, dynamic visuals and effects. The trend-setting, multifaceted talent is set to rock the country's biggest cities with his new music and jaw dropping performances, including some of the most popular electronic music festivals in North America; with Beyond Wonderland coming at the end of March. The Grand Boston in Boston, Heatwave in Chicago, Escapade in Ottawa, and the iconic Moonrise Festival in Baltimore are also on his calendar in the coming months, and with his innovative beats and unmatched energy, Elephante is expected to deliver electrifying sets that will leave fans mesmerized.

For more information, please visit www.elephantemusic.com


Mar 24 — San Bernardino, CA — Beyond Wonderland 2023

Apr 7 — Boston, MA — The Grand Boston

Jun 11 — Chicago, IL — Heatwave 2023

Jun 25 — Ottawa, ON — Escapade 2023

Aug 13 — Baltimore, MD — Moonrise Festival 2023


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