Punk-Roots Trailblazers Crazy Arm Release New Single “Floating Bones”

Time to Rock n' Roll...

Established in 2005, Devon lefty roots-punks, Crazy Arm, didn’t know what they wanted to be when they grew up they threw everything against the wall to see what stuck. The result is a creative, grizzly and sprawling mess of ‘60s protest song, post/hardcore, Americana,

bluegrass, anarcho-punk and heartland rock’n’roll, combined with a grass-roots, anti-fascist slant.

Crazy Arm’s new single, “Floating Bones,” was recorded during the sessions for their 2021 Dark Hands, Thunderbolts LP but underwent a lot of changes, both musically and lyrically. A maelstrom of punk, rock and hardcore sensibilities with harmony-drenched textures, “Floating Bones” is Crazy Arm at their very best: relentless, infectious and indignant.

With the recent 10 year anniversary of Margaret Thatcher’s death, the song’s lyrics detail a renewed dedication to resisting the cruel neo-liberal policies that started on her watch; as well as decrying the disgraceful Illegal Migration Bill which the Tories have devised to further their pursuit of the ‘hostile environment.’ The bill would allow the government to criminalize, detain and deport asylum seekers which, according to the UN, is a “clear breach of The Refugee Convention.”

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