ARK IDENTITY’s Noah Mroueh Shares Wistful Indie Pop Single

“Atmosphere” is out now!

ARK IDENTITY is the dream pop solo project of Toronto's Noah Mroueh. A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Noah creates immersive soundscapes praised for their “addictively good” melodies. His music weaves dream pop with the boundless realms of psychedelia, offering listeners a passage into spaces of reflection and discovery.

ARK IDENTITY entered the scene with the psychedelic dream pop debut single, “Eyes,” on May 22nd. Now, Noah is returning with a second taste of the project via the nostalgic and wistful new indie pop song, “Atmosphere.”

The song was written to describe the feeling of nostalgia for a former time in your life and wanting to escape the new reality you’re living in. “Atmosphere” symbolizes a wish to escape from the constant changes and pressures of life. The atmosphere serves as a metaphor for a place of freedom and detachment from society. - ARK IDENTITY

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