Niki J. Borger: Award Winning Actor, Producer, Director

Niki J.Borger is not only an award winning actor, producer and director but the German born rising superstar is also a screenwriter and a lady of substance as well. Growing up in the German countryside she knew even then the impact Hollywood had on the world and longed to become a part of it.

The co-founder of FireWolf Entertainment (a production company based in Oklahoma and Burbank, California). FireWolf specializes in telling captivating stories in the fantasy and action genre. The cool thing about this company is that it creates characters and stories that are more authentic and reliable than most other films in the genre. Their stories are dark but end up being uplifting and inspiring.

Along with the production company Niki wrote a short called “Because I Could” which was nominated a won several global awards. She also directed and starred in it as well. It takes place in the future where four adults confess their day to day climate sins and why they didn’t do better. Niki also starred in “A Portrayal Of A Subtle Suicide” which was also award winning. 

Aside from that she hosts the personal breakthrough show “Unlimit Yourself” and with the help of experts in their field it helps inspire people to make a positive change in their lives. It is a weekly show of personal development. Niki is a great fit to have created and hosted a show like this because that’s a lot of what she’s about. She’s courageous enough to know that while courage can’t move mountains it can show us how to climb them. She knows that every adventure begins with a leap of faith. 

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