Ariel Arbisser Reveals Intriguing New Single "On My Knees"

Another stunner track from the artist

Ariel Arbisser is a seasoned vocalist who traces the roots of their musical journey back to a choir solo in fourth grade, setting the stage for a career that would unfold with remarkable depth and passion. The tale truly unfolds during their college years at Cornell University, where initial plans to engage in a cappella as a temporary pursuit transformed into an undeniable realization—their true calling was singing.


Currently immersed in the creation of their second full-length album, Ingenue Corrupt, Arbisser's musical journey reflects a dynamic fusion of personal expression, collaboration, and an unyielding commitment to the artistry that defines their career.


Today, the accomplished musician unveils a profound creative process in the genesis of their track "On My Knees," offering listeners a glimpse into the intersection of personal experiences and musical inspiration.

In a moment of serendipity, Arbisser found the song materializing effortlessly, a fusion of lyrics, chords, and melody encapsulating a snapshot of intense emotions.


The narrative behind "On My Knees" unravels as Arbisser candidly shares the origins of the song, rooted in the complexities of a dynamic relationship. Arbisser reflects on the challenge of maintaining a connection with a friend while navigating the unpredictability of their interactions. The lyrics, expressing a desire for the friend to take the initiative, resonate with honesty and vulnerability.


Beyond the surface narrative, Arbisser delves into the deeper layers of their personal journey during the song's creation. Wrestling with the aftermath of abuse, particularly in the context of consensual sub/dom relationships, Arbisser explores the intricacies of reclaiming agency and autonomy. The song serves as a poignant reminder of their ability to make conscious choices in navigating intimacy, free from the shadows of past experiences.


As "On My Knees" becomes an integral part of Arbisser's larger project, it is evident that the music transcends mere artistic expression. The track embodies a progression in the artist's processing and healing journey. Arbisser describes the empowering effect of these creations, emphasizing a sense of full embodiment, sensuality, and a revitalized readiness to engage with the world on their own terms. The result is not just a song but a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of musical storytelling.


Ariel shares of the song:

"Another song to come out of processing my abusive relationship. While recovering from abuse I became very self-critical of my inclination toward sub/dom roleplay and scared myself that I wasn’t actually healed if I still enjoyed that dynamic. This is a false equivalency. Fantasies are not reality. My perception was warped and I was at risk of losing another part of myself and my autonomy to my abuser. “On My Knees” takes control of the sub/dom narrative and states what it really is. Choosing to submit is just that - a choice. You choose your partner. You choose when. You choose how. You choose how long. Choosing to submit is not the same thing as being used or controlled. In BDSM communities (of which I’m not really part but I have many friends who are), I’ve heard they view the sub person to actually have more power in the dynamic because they control every aspect of the interaction. Singing this makes me feel wildly powerful."


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