Grunge/Glam Rockers The Effens Team Up with The OBGMs for Paranoid Single

“Someone’s Gonna Get You” is out now!

Hailing from Toronto, The Effens deliver a dark, razor-sharp grunge-glam sound, channeling the raw energy of '90s grunge and the defiant spirit of early-aughts indie-rock. Infusing their music with honeyed pop melodics and contemporary post-punk creativity, they craft a gripping and wild musical experience. 

In one of the coolest collaborations, The Effens teamed up with Denz Mcfarlen from the Canadian punk band, The OBGMs for “Someone’s Gonna Get You.” Not only did Denz complete the song with his vocals, but he also shared lyrical input when they were coming up with the concept of the song. It’s about the fear and paranoia that people are contending with right now, living online. 


“There was an understanding about the concept of the song and I was excited to hear Denz take those ideas and elevate them,” says songwriter Austin Fannin. “After he recorded his verse I completely changed my vocals and lyrics for my verse in the song. It was a great back and forth, making the song better in a way that is not possible writing alone.”

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