INTERVIEW: Kelsey Hart's Breakthrough Debut Album 'Life With You'

Penelope Parker chats to viral country artist Kelsey Hart about his debut album 'Life With You'.

How does "Life with You" represent a progression or evolution in your musical journey?

I think the biggest way my music has evolved with the new album is the quality of songwriting through the years. Life With You definitely showcases that.

What’s it like to be a country artist in 2024, amidst a constantly evolving industry?

Being a country artist in 2024 is an honor. There are so many platforms for people to release music and connect with country fans. The creative doors are wide open and that’s exciting. 

Can you share any behind-the-scenes anecdotes or stories from the recording process of "Life with You"?

I wrote Life With You in 2021 and in 2022 my wife and I had our first dance at our wedding to a rough demo version of the song. After that, it was one of the first songs we recorded in the studio for the record. 

"Life with You" seems to explore various emotions and experiences. Which track was the most challenging to write or record, and why?

Without You In It was one of the songs we creatively went back-and-forth on. When recording it for the record, we weren’t sure whether we were going to release a broken down piano version or more of a full band version. We ended up somewhere in the middle.

Your music often resonates deeply with listeners. What do you think it is about "Life with You" that will connect with your audience on a personal level?

I think what makes this song so special and relatable is that it brings to mind the most important person and connection in a person’s life or the hope for that.

As an artist, what do you hope listeners will take away from the experience of listening to "Life with You" in its entirety?

When listening to the record I hope people experience a little of everything! I hope that the diversity of the album keeps people listening from start to finish with songs that make them feel something and will eventually sing a long to!

Looking ahead, how do you envision "Life with You" influencing your musical direction?

Looking ahead, I feel like we set the bar high with my first album Life With You! This album will always be really special to me. Moving forward it will push me creatively and as an artist to make and release music that I’m proud of and that connects with fans. 

Do you have any upcoming shows in the works?

I have a lot of upcoming shows I’m looking forward to! During the week, I am usually performing at multiple radio shows all around the US. I’m also doing a lot of weekend festival shows this summer!

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