Montreal Alt Pop Artist Maïa Davies is True to her Heart on “Isn’t Love Everything”

from the Lovers’ Gothic LP

For the past four years, the award-winning, JUNO-nominated, SOCAN #1 bilingual Canadian songwriter, recording artist and producer Maïa Davies has been on a stubbornly unwavering mission of deep musical and self-discovery.

Born in Montreal, Davies has devoted the vast majority of her life to the craft of music. Getting her start in the Warner Music signed folk band Ladies of the Canyon, she has released two solo albums in French and penned over 12 top ten commercial radio hits for Canadian music artists, including Mother Mother and Serena Ryder.


The Lovers’ Gothic LP is a chronological storyboard of the artist’s emotional journey in song. The new full-length by Davies is a compilation of compositions that best encompass the visceral throughline of her euphoria, heartache, abuse, self-actualization and acceptance—a concept she jokingly now refers to as the stages of relationship grief. She recorded the album in 12 different studios across the country, with the help of a large cast of co-producers and star musicians including drummers Jimmy Paxson (Stevie Nicks) and Glenn Milchem (Blue Rodeo), as well as new producer collaborators Marcus Paquin (Begonia, The National) and Erin Costelo (Kaïa Kater).

After cycling through many stages of grief and mourning after a toxic relationship, Davies had a moment—whether you call it weakness or strength—of remembering and honoring the love that had been. In the focus track, “Isn’t Love Everything,” Davies honours her immense capacity to love, with her whole person, knowing that no matter how it ended, she was true to herself and giving with her heart.

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Emily Hinde

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