Janet Devlin Masters Empowering Country-Rock with the Irresistible ‘Emotional Rodeo’

Janet Devlin is making a roaring comeback with new country-rock gem ‘Emotional Rodeo’. Having kicked off with a spot in the Top 40 and #4 in the iTunes Country Chart, the artist has merely introduced her ferocious take on the genre - and is already making waves. 


Fuelled by a thunderous vocal performance, Janet's new offering is coloured with heaps of attitude and empowering passion. Depicting the challenges that come with Borderline Personality Disorder within a relationship, the singer-songwriter is unashamedly embracing its highs and lows and shedding light on loving fearlessly. Championed by its Americana-tinged anthemics and jubilant energy, its resonance with thousands of listeners comes as no surprise. 


Written alongside Ben Earle of The Shires and Kaity Rae, Janet captures the traditional country essence with elements of gritty rock, creating iconic results. The impact is raw and hard-hitting, placing emphasis on the melodies that growl effortlessly. Following a brief break from music, this triumphant return couldn’t be more fitting for Janet, who has supported the likes of Russel Crowe and gathered millions of devoted followers across the globe. 


Waving the flag for re-owning mental health with this unforgettable hit, Janet Devlin is a country-rock star in the making. As we anticipate her forthcoming album, for now, the infectious allure of ‘Emotional Rodeo’ can be simply spun on repeat.


Saddle up and listen to ‘Emotional Rodeo’, out now: 


Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker

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