Drink Up Luella’s Bittersweet Indie Pop Bop "Peach Ginger Tea"

from the Sophomore Album, Summer Bummer

Luella’s soulful dream-pop sound is most notable for its catchy baselines, crisp vocals, and honest lyrics. On her new single, “Peach Ginger Tea,” Luella compares her past relationship to an ice cold glass of peach ginger tea. The idea always sounds lovely on a scorching hot summer afternoon, but after a couple of sips, you realize it's never been all that sweet and this hot summer weather isn't going to last forever. 

“The lyrics drawback to a time when I was dating‘the perfect guy,” says Luella. “He was incredibly attractive, with a genuine kindness that stood out from others and yet I couldn't shake the fact we lacked a deeper connection. It seemed as though we only loved the idea of each other. I felt terrible for admitting it, and spent a summer distracting myself with the newfound freedoms of my late teens, trying to find ways to romanticize the relationship I was unhappy in.”


“Drink it up, drink me up, dripping down your chin 'cause you're in awe

Do you love me or the thought of us? ‘Cause I'm thinking that you made me up” 


Luella is the musical project of 20 year old Kingston/Montreal based artist Liv Whitfield. 2022 brought the release of her debut album, Luna, produced in collaboration with her father, Zane Whitfield, at North of Princess Studio (Glorious Sons, Kathleen Edwards, Blue Stones). In less than a year, Luella quietly amassed 35k video streams, and over 130,000 streams on Spotify while playing sold-out shows alongside fanclubwallet, Dizzy, and Claudia Bouvette.


Luella’s sophomore album, Summer Bummer, a testament to her final years of girlhood, promises to be bolder with a newfound confidence all while staying true to her trademark vulnerability. A fusion of earnest lyrics and warm melodies, Luella captures the bittersweet essence of fleeting summers and the complexities of first love and inevitable heartbreak.


Summer Bummer Tracklist:

  1. Blushing Roses
  2. Nothing's The Same
  3. Do You
  4. After 10
  5. Fingers Interlinked
  6. Magnetized
  7. Summer Bummer
  8. Peach Ginger Tea
  9. Wired
  10. Radio Silence
  11. GOGO
  12. i don't know your name
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