A Short Walk to Pluto Capture the Confident Energy of Battling ADHD

“Little Choice” is out now!

Formed in 2018, A Short Walk to Pluto is comprised of Emma Armstrong (lead vocals), Max Kaiser (lead guitar, keys, synths), Danny Moriana (bass guitar, backing vocals, synths) and Jake Biggs (drums and percussion). Their enthusiastic new single, “Little Choice,” captures the struggles of ADHD by portraying a conversation between the Id and the Ego.


Think Alanis Morissette singing in Led Zeppelin but about the struggles of ADHD. The verse lyrics personify the constant struggle to stay focused, while the chorus is your internal voice standing up for yourself. The answering machine recording in the bridge is your internal voice politely telling your ADHD to “fuck off.” We hope “Little Choice” shakes you with a new batch of confidence that’ll help you get a grip with your own internal distractions.

A Short Walk to Pluto has developed a tremendous social media presence through TikTok and Instagram, where they regularly debut original music and covers of well-known classics. It was through that online presence that the quartet was discovered and endorsed by Howard Stern on his SiriusXM radio show. Though much of the foursome’s success is owed to their social media engagement, it is their genre-defying original music and energetic live performances that have generated a loyal, consistent, and far-reaching following. 

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