Alex Maher Unveils Electropop Single “Red Planet”

Are you ready?

A Filipinx-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and loop artist, Alex Maher’s solo performances combine genre-bending mashups with passionate originals to showcase his musical instincts. Fusing classic soul influences, funk, electro-pop and jazz chops, his songwriting explores human connection in the modern age.  

The song “Red Planet” is a metaphor, using the image of the barren and desolate planet Mars as a parallel of what becomes of us when we allow depression and frustration to linger unaddressed instead of letting the light of love in. 


“Every night as I commuted back to my temporary home in Calgary, I was aware of a constant companion just above the horizon: the planet Mars. Out of that came a metaphor, for when we give in to helplessness and self-isolate” says Alex. “This song is about getting out of that orbit, being accountable, and proactive. I hope this song encourages self-reflection.”

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Emily Hinde

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