Vocalist John Orpheus Unveils the Vibrantly Modern "90’s Fool"

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Born and raised in South-Central Trinidad, John Orpheus is a multi-cultural musician, author and performance artist. Between writing two children's books and a forthcoming debut novel called BLACK CHEROKEE, he also found the time to write and produce a new EP: GET RIGHT! It combines John Orpheus' playfulness, fluency and affection for the past. The EP demonstrates an evolving set of tastes in funk, punk and pop that maintains the artist's vibe of welcoming in the whole diaspora: from dancehall to hip hop to funk to Afrobeats. 


The title of his new single, “90’s Fool,” is really three titles in one: pride, hilariousness and nostalgia. It's like:

  • "I came up in the 90s, you fool."  
  • "I came up in the 90s acting a damn fool."
  • "I'm a fool for the 90s, where I came up." 


They all bring a different vibe and add up to how John feels about his adolescence and life in general. It's a song about the 90s but don’t call it a throwback.

“There are no eras. There were no 90s or 2010s,” says John Orpheus. “We are people living lives that are much more fluid than that. So I want to make music that's neither trying to be old school or new school but is a place where all ourselves can hang out: THE WHOLE SCHOOL.” 

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