Folk Goddess Sarah Segal-Lazar Debuts Epic Release

"Earlier" is out now!

Sarah Segal-Lazar has been making music since before she could talk. Folks say she took her first steps in ¾ time. By the time she was nine, she was sending songs into the local radio station. These days, the Femme Fatale of Folk splits her time between the busy streets of Montreal and the red shores of PEI–sharing her own special blend of folk and country, wherever the wind may take her. 


Her latest album Valleys is produced by Canadian folk luminary Matthew Barber. After putting off making it for years, always waiting for the right time in her career, Sarah decided to finally let it out. “I’d say to myself, I’m not wasting these songs. I’m not going to record them until I move to Nashville and get signed, until I move to New York and get signed. And then one day I woke up and realized, I don’t want to get to be fifty and be resentful that I never recorded this album. So I reached out to Matt and just went for it.”

Valleys is inspired by a lyric from the track “Still Waters” that goes “On that uphill climb there are valleys on the way.”  The album is a collection of tracks about struggle. “Each of the songs tell a story and within each story is a struggle. And most of the time, we make it through to the other side,” says Sarah.

Highlight single “Earlier” is a bittersweet and wistful track on the perils of a relationship destined to not be, and the struggle within that realization.

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