The Gender Pay Gap Never Sounded So Good

Let's Listen in Closely...

Lo Marie, a Madison, Wisconsin based singer-songwriter and self-made producer, brings the funk in her newest single “The Gap” is filled with groovy bass lines, guitar riffs, and jazzy beats that pair beautifully with her soulful, powerful voice. 


Lo Marie first aspired to be an opera singer (this is evident through her immense control and technique while singing), but then realized that she needed more room for creative expression if she was going to be making music. Now, she is far from an opera singer. After releasing three studio albums and many singles since her breakout in 2012, Lo Marie is an established neo-soul artist. 


“The Gap” is relatable to any woman who has felt unequal to a man. Referencing the gender pay gap, the lyrics tell a story about a woman who is fed up with the inequality and misogyny that comes with working with ignorant men. She becomes conflicted and frustrated, resulting in the powerful refrain “so f*ck you!” She includes a nice ad-lib scat section in the middle of the track, doubled by an electric guitar, as well as at the very end, tying the song together very nicely. 


Here’s what Lo Marie has to say about the track: “The Gap” is a commentary of gender bias.  It is something that affects my daily life.  The best way I can describe it is death by a thousand cuts.  It’s a stray comment here and an uncomfortable encounter there, all of them adding up to create this low-level of boiling rage that stays under the surface all day every day.  Added on top of that is the gender wage gap – so we are enduring more while making less money.  It’s so frustrating! The statistic for 2020 was $0.81 on the dollar.”

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