Dici '200 Miles'

Dici’s musical journey ignited amidst the turbulent backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, it has blossomed into a relentless journey of artistic evolution. Now, Dici artfully fuses a collection of genres, creating his latest masterpiece, ‘200 Miles’.

‘200 Miles’ has irresistible melodies straight from its very first note, that will have you hooked on them as soon as you hear them. The instrumentation and catchy beats are definitely a highlight of this track, and show’s what Dici can do beyond his incredible flow. These vocals are nothing short of extraordinary, each note carries such raw energy and sheer talent.

An anthem of joy, that carries you through sun-kissed days and memories of carefree adventures and the thrill of new beginnings. This track, in essence, is the ultimate summer hit, and it’s destined to become the soundtrack of sun-soaked road trips and beachside bonfires.

Born in the cradle of Italy but raised in the vibrant rhythms of Miami, Dici’s journey now finds its pulse in the eclectic embrace of Tokyo. ‘200 Miles’ is arguably some of his best work to date. Tune in on Spotify now and join this road-trip now.

Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker

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