London-based Allegra debuts 'Love You Right Back (ALOK Remix)'

Rising pop phoenix and DJ go-to girl Allegra is reaffirming her passionate style with the towering new single, ‘Love You Right Back’ (ALOK Remix). Driven by an incredible synth-fuelled soundscape, this heartstopping number is a bold reflection of the rising star’s seamless talent and mainstream prowess. 


Teaming up with the 4th biggest DJ in the world, ALOK, confirms Allegra’s trademark ability to add her effortless charm to chart-topping hits. Fresh from the success of ‘Round & Round’, which hit #1 on the Music Week Commercial Pop Chart, ‘Love You Right Back (ALOK Remix)’ takes Allegra’s signature passion to an exciting realm. 


Diverting between a swirling chorus dominated by the echoing cry of ‘Love You Right Back’ and jubilant dance breaks, this dynamic number evokes a masterful fusion of genres. Renowned for his knack for smash hits, ALOK’s rendition is nothing short of an instant dance-floor filler. 


Allegra has continuously impressed throughout her career, receiving a multitude of acclaim and sky-rocketing to the top of charts with each release. Forging underlying messages of self-love and confidence into her infectious style, ‘Love You Right Back’ solidifies her distinct passion and determination to aim big - we can only anticipate what’s next. 


Treat your ears to ‘Love You Right Back (ALOK Remix), out now:

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Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker

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