Alternative RnB Outfit K O D A E and Soulful Singer TAYLR Team Up on the Mystical “Daydreamer”

in Preparation for an Explorative and Mystical EP Release

K O D A E’s blend of alternative R&B is both Bow Valley and Modern Metropolis. Combining their mutual love for modern groove with their connection to nature and mysticism, this group of intergenerational musicians weave songs that strut like breakbeats but flow and warm the heart like a valley stream at sunset. With their different backgrounds, each member brings a unique flavour to the table: TAYLR (Annie da Silva’s) velvety voice and cutting lyrics, Owen Mcpherson’s gospel roots on the deep five, Seyoung Lee’s lush jazz textures on the keys, Curtis Sauer’s ambitious groove on the drums and Eric Osborne’s fluid harmonies on the guitar.


New single, “Daydreamer,” is a joint release with Calgary’s TAYLR; a self proclaimed softy and singer-songwriter who is no stranger to self reflection and deep internal exploration that bold, technicolor songwriting is born from. The hopeful song offers permission to re-invest in your inner creative, inner artist, inner child while really touching on the importance of play and nurturing an imagination without limits. 


K O D A E has always been rooted in mysticism and the romantic ponderings of the universe. A lot of our songs come from a place of wanting to understand our world and ourselves a little bit deeper. We feel connected to nature and the cycles that dance within it and you can find a lot of themes about growth, embracing simplicity, accepting change and settling into our roles in this big vast, magical world! 

TAYLR (they/them)


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