Sonic Rade Releases “Masquerade”

Chemistry is at the foundation of every rock n’ roll group’s success, and it’s something that Sonic Rade has going for them in their new music video for the single “Masquerade.” This band has already found some success on the stage, and in the studio, I think Sonic Rade opened up channels of originality that might surprise even their most diehard live supporters, and “Masquerade” is an amazing showcase of their collective skill set. From the depth of the harmonies as they present the lyrics in this track to the sterling framework created by the tempting bet, discriminating alternative rock fans can rest assured that what they’re getting into with this single is not something they will soon forget. Had I not known better, I would have assumed this group had spent a lot more time in the studio ahead of this new song’s release.

The punk influence over Sonic Rade’s aesthetics is hardly lost on those with an ear for rock’s storied history, but it’s worth noting that this group isn’t trying to hammer home an old school theme per se. There’s definitely a dose of retro angst when it comes to the cultivation of the hook in this single, but I would stop short of saying that it sounds sourced from the archives - it’s merely a descendent of the classic punk and proto-alternative rock that laid the foundation for the best in contemporary bangers on both sides of the dial. “Masquerade” lives up to its title in this respect, although the energy it facilitates is anything but concealed.


As far as the mastering is concerned, this is one of the more meticulously mixed pieces of material I’ve heard out of the underground this October. There’s no buggering between the riff and the vocal, but there doesn’t need to be - because of the ease with which Sonic Rade can construct a harmony, they’re able to work the low-end tonality into the hook the same way that you would a standard bassline. This is not a group of scrubs trying to find their way and sound in a complicated indie hierarchy; if anything, I get the feeling that these guys are out to set the pace for both themselves and the burgeoning scene they’re situated in on the international level.

“Masquerade” might be the beginning of a long campaign for Sonic Rade, but it’s also the perfect introduction to their original content, and I find it to be an especially exceptional debut for the season. There’s a lot more to be learned about this crew, and their artistry will likely come together more on a full-length album than it ever would another single, but with regards to how they’re setting up their image in “Masquerade,” Sonic Rade have nothing to complain about. Even without the polished production quality and undisputed attention to detail that you don’t have to be a professional music critic to pick up on, this is a single that highlights their talents as a group, and I hope to hear more like it shortly.

Anne Hollister

Anne Hollister

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