Solo Artist Grizzly Coast Celebrates Our Common Humanity on Cheerful & Energetic Indie Pop Bop

“Clouds” is out now!

From the imaginative, yet highly analytical mind of Alannah Kavanagh comes Grizzly Coast, the Toronto-based solo musical project that blends dreamy indie rock instrumentation with introspective pop lyricism. Recorded at Dreamhouse Studios with acclaimed producer Alex Bonenfant (July Talk, Crystal Castles), the production of new single, “Clouds,” showcases a blend of joyful synths and driving guitars. This careful arrangement complements the honest and raw lyricism that Kavanagh values.


Clouds” is an indie pop anthem that delves into the shared experience of mental health struggles, wrapped in an uplifting melody. “The song is a celebration of our common humanity,” says Kavanagh, affirming that we are never alone in our personal challenges. What makes it particularly memorable is its hypnotic synth riff that graces the chorus, an element so catchy it instantly engrains itself in the listener's mind, inviting them to feel the communal vibe of the track.


Clouds” is part of a larger narrative, emphasizing that despite our imperfections and the trials we face, our struggles are part of what binds us. The artist not only explores their own experiences with anxiety, but also crafts a universal message of hope and unity, with “Clouds” culminating on an optimistic high note.


Starting in 2017, Grizzly Coast cut her teeth playing the Toronto acoustic circuit before expanding her sound into indie rock territory in 2019. Since kicking off the project, Grizzly Coast has been sharpening her songwriting, growing her loyal following, and tightening her live show in Toronto’s vibrant live music scene, supporting acts like Fast Romantics and Begonia. 2020 saw the culmination of years of songwriting with the release of debut EP, Party of One. The debut LP is slated for release this fall.

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